Apr 27, 2020

Monday April 27th ~

Life must be lived and curiosity kept alive. 
One must never, for whatever reason,
 turn his back on life...

A new week.  A new day.  Anything new going on?
More of the same here 😮 at least the balcony and 
the view keeps us busy.  Looking forward to 
"normal" times again.  Hopefully soon.

Sniff is a little down these days.  Once again 
not eating.  This isolation is also getting to him. 
 Maybe he's wondering why we are home all the time. 
He also seems to need some more space. Maybe?

Sundays have become takeout days.  Never realized
 how happy one can be at the thought of takeout.  We are. 
 Not the same as going out, but not bad either.  Always
 something good to come out of each situation.

I made Cosmos and now I have a little every time i
 feel like it.  Which is quite often.  Arvid's thing is "we don't
drink during the week."  My thing is, "you may not drink
during the week, but I don't have a problem with that."

And yes Monday begins with a bang.  Just wondering
if it's too early to have another Cosmo?  Will wait
 until noon just to pace myself.  Hello Monday.
 What's in store for us today 😏?

Wake up every morning with the thought 
that something wonderful is about to happen...