Apr 25, 2020

Saturday April 25th ~

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it...

Beautiful scenes of Florida right here.  Down 
in the southern part of the state, there sits a very
tropical paradise known as the Florida Keys.

A drone flying high above an uninhabited
bridge in Florida and captured this footage.  

This beautiful area can only be accessed by one road in and out.

Back here at home in Fort Lauderdale, life is also very good.
  Beautiful sights just everywhere.  The truth is, everywhere 
in the world has it's beauty.  One just has to look for it.

Sniff has not been eating since Tuesday April 21st.
 As you can imagine I am worried.  Everything
 about him is otherwise normal. 

He plays, chases leaves and prances around
with us.  Has not used the litter pan much
because he has not eaten much. 

I have been force feeding him in hopes he
 will then eat on his own. I have also given
him appetite stimulant the last 3 days.

 Next step is the vet.  That's next week.  Hoping
 he improves over the weekend. Sniff does
 not like going to the vet.  Who does? He is
 our baby after all. And I am stressing.

It's just a bad day.  Not a bad life...