Nov 26, 2021

Black Friday πŸ–€ ~

Go to the mall on Black Friday, they said.
You will never come out alive, they said...

And the shopping frenzy has begun. Good luck.πŸ–€

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving.  This would 
be Friday November 26th, but if you listen to retailers, 
Black Friday already began at the start of the month.  

Yes, if you've waited until the actual day, you're out
 of luck.  And that is according to most major retailers
 such as Amazon, Best Buys, Target and Walmart.

As most Americans know, Black Friday is one
 of the biggest deal shopping events of the year.  On 
Black Friday, almost every major retailer offers big
 discounts on holiday gifts, hottest toys of the year,
 apparel, kitchen gifts tech gadgets and more.

Traditionally on Black Friday some shoppers stay
 up late the night of Thanksgiving (not us) or wake 
up early to line up in front of stores for early
 morning openings and doorbuster deals.

  In light of COVID-19 many stores closed
 on Thanksgiving 2020 and shoppers were
 directed to online shopping instead. 

The major retailers have already kicked off their
 Black Friday sales.  Some as early as October πŸ™ˆ  Sure 
there are great deals to be made, but at the same time, the 
lines, the crowds, the pushing (if you went to the stores).

I was never a Black Friday shopper.  My loss, but I'm OK 
with that.  Didn't do it before won't start now. Somedays
 my mind and my thoughts are still far far awayπŸ–€ .

To those who will be heading out early in the 
 morning good luck and hopefully you find the deals 
you're looking for. Don't forget Cyber Monday.

Whoever said money can't buy happiness
 simply didn't know where to go shopping...