Nov 7, 2021

We're Home ~ Sunday November 7th ~

 Home is where our story begins...

No matter where life takes us, one thing I know for sure,
 we will always find our way back home. We're home, 
at the same time I don't yet feel it as home.  Go figure.

It took us some time but here we are again.  Home.

During the day I keep myself busy with things
 to do, but at nights when it's all quiet and I am all alone
 with my thoughts, it goes places I rather it won't.  It's been 
some not easy days so far, but it will get better.  A week
 without my PR kitties.  How I miss them 😢

As a new chapter begins once again🙈, my heart is 
also heavy. I cannot stop my mind from going to the kitties, 
and I cannot stop the tears from flowing.  It will get better.  
With time everything gets bearable.  I've learnt.

In the meantime, here in Florida, Sniff is getting 
and more used to his new living arrangements.  He has
 his own private suite and feels safe and comfy there.

Meeting up with special friends again is always a treat.

To all a happy Sunday.  First time in a very long
 time we are actually cold ⛄  Exactly what we
 wanted as a change.  We're getting it.

Home is where the heart is, even so,
 in my heart there stirs a quiet pain...