Nov 22, 2021

Monday November 22nd~

 A positive mindset is what separates the best from the rest...

As the new week begins it gets further and further
 away from me the last time I saw and fed my PR kitties.
  Monday November first was my last time with them, 
hopefully one day this guilt I feel lessens. 

I really miss the kitties.  I try to tell myself they will be 
OK, maybe they will, but my heart does not want to listen
 ๐Ÿ–ค They say with every new day comes new strengths.  

Sniff is feeling festive already, and wishes 
everyone a Happy Thanksgiving in advance.

 The first week of December if all goes well, another lady
 will be back in Fajardo, same complex and will continue
 to feed the little ones.  It was her who named Marbles.

The days are beautiful.  Cooler than we were having 
in Puerto Rico. Loving the cooler temperatures.

Arvid is busy.  No matter where we are he is busy. 
We are fortunate that we do continue to do some shipping. 
 It has kept us both busy.  A semblance of normalcy,
 and also makes me sleep a little better at nights.

Mornings are always beautiful, and that is anywhere we are. 
 Being a morning person, I find the beauty in it no matter
 where we are.  Peaceful, calming and serene.

This month has flown by.  Getting adjusted and 
staying busy does have it's benefits.  To all a happy
 new day and make it an amazing one always.

Unfortunately, I woke up today to not so very clear skies.
  Rain still in the forecast, but as I am always reminded,
 it's still warm.  That it is. Happy Monday to all.

You may have to fight a battle more than
 once to win it. Just one small positive thought 
in the morning can change your whole day...