Nov 14, 2021

Sunday November 14th~

 Quiet people have the loudest minds...

The morning is quiet.  The waterways are still and peaceful.

Not a soul is out as yet.  I can hear the quietness ๐Ÿ’›

Today no rain in the forecast.  It's all clear blue skies.

There is a beautiful pool here in the complex, but since
 we have been here it's hardly been used.  On the other
 hand, there is not that many people here as yet.

Yesterday I was officially introduced to Snowflake,
 the resident kitty that lives here.  Like my PR kitties, 
she was at one time feral, but today she is just a sweet 
loving girl.  She reminded me of my Spitfire๐Ÿ’—

Every other day Sniff gets delivery from Chewy.  Arvid
 does the heavy lifting if he's not busy running around.

Yesterday Rima and family left the Golden State (California).  
They are on their way back to the East Coast and could not be 
any happier.  For the next week or so they will be travelling around
 in an RV.  Happy as can be.  Rima is always a happy person ๐Ÿ’š

It's strange.  Rima's dream place was California.  After 
living there for a little over five years they realized 
that though it was good while they were there,
 home is the East Coast.  Closer to family.

Sniff is enjoying being back home.  He's relaxed and has 
found many good spots to have naps.  Today it was the fresh
 laundry that called to him.  He loves the warmth of it.

Good morning to all.  Wishing you a happy Sunday.
It's a quiet morning, but my mind in buzzing.

It hurts because it matters...