Nov 5, 2021

November 5thπŸ’“ ~ Six Years Without Our Brutus πŸ’”

 You left this world but forgot to tell 
my Heart how to live without you...

You’ve been on my mind a lot Brutus πŸ–€ 
not a day goes by that thoughts of you don’t
cross my mind.  When you’ve loved someone 
as much as we loved/love you, it sure gets a little 
difficult at times remembering and missing you.

  The other day we saw a little kitty.   Your dada
 stopped, and for a long time looked at the kitty
 and all he said was, "he looks like Brutus.”  

Wherever we go you are always with us.  
Your picture hangs in every place we live in.  
We have no pictures of anyone else but 
you hanging on the walls of our homes.

This picture of you has gone everywhere with us.

You Brutus will forever hold a place in our
 hearts no one else will have. I am grateful for 
every moment we had with you. Of course I 
would have loved to have so much more. 

Your dada always used to say that we would have you
 with us for a long long time, unfortunately life decided
 otherwise.  For the time we had together just know that 
the impact you left no one else has been able to do so.  
Your mama and dada miss you and love you πŸ’“

I am grateful for the time we had.  Life has given us
 many wonderful reasons to smile and to be thankful.  
You, Shadow and Sniff.  Sniff makes me happy .

It is six years today that you are no longer with usπŸ’”.
And there in not a day that a thought of you does not come to me.

It matters not what my brain knows
 but what my πŸ’š heart feels....