Nov 23, 2021

November 23rd ~

 Appreciate life as it happens.  Moments will soon
 pass and you will wish you had treasured them more...

These two are just fun to watch.  Arvid is always so
 very gentle, and attentive with Sniff.  Makes me happy. 
 Sniff loves his dada 😍I sometimes think more
 than he loves me.  I'm not jealous at all πŸ™ˆ.

Arvid and I finally made it to Miami Beach, to my 
very favorite raw bar restaurant.  It did rain some,
 but not like the days before.  Here in Fort Lauderdale
 the rain came down hard, not in Miami.  Lucky us.

I have been looking forward to going for a very long time.
  My favorite raw bar restaurant.  I may have eaten too much.

The best stone crabs and an amazing sunset made for a great outing.

The environment is casual, but the view is quite spectacular.  
We saw probably 5 cruise ships taking off.  Pretty cool.

There is a pretty decent size pool.  If you're 
game, then you may want to take a dip.

Arvid and I had our 20th wedding anniversary
 a little over a week ago.  We both forgot the date
 πŸ˜‚, so this outing definitely made up for it.

The week is looking better.  The rain is slowly 
easing off.  Thanksgiving is know for having rain, so 
nothing unusual there.  It's nice to have a few days of
 sunshine without the rain.  Looking forward to it.

Today as I went to do laundry, Snowflake ran to me.  
Of course I had foodies ready for her. She reminds me 
of Spitfire and all my PR kitties.  Made me happy.

Good morning and a Happy day to all.

Life isn't perfect, but it sure has perfect moments...