Nov 17, 2021

Life ~

 I keep myself busy with things to do, 
but every time I pause I still think of you...

The same view at different times, but during sunset. 
 Your guess is as good as mine as to which is better.
In this one the clouds were out, but still that view 😍

This one below was taken also at sunset 🌞, but as you 
can see the sun was just setting and it was not a cloudy day. 
 Palm trees make everything look so much more beautiful. 
 Both Puerto Rico and Florida we have them in abundance.

Florida is home, but right now my heart is torn between 
wanting to be here and wanting to be back with the kitties
 in Puerto Rico.  I really think of them quite a lot.

Sniff is really adjusting well.  He's not eating as good
 as I would like, but then Arvid says I am too fussy. 
 I am so grateful to have Sniff.  He makes it better.

I keep telling myself that everyday will be a little better.

I don't go by the rule book…
I lead from the heart, not the head...