Nov 19, 2021

Here Comes The Rain Again ~

 The nicest thing about the rain is 
that it always stops.  Eventually...

It rained and rained.  The parking was flooded.  Arvid 
and I had to walk out without shoes to get into the car.

There has never been this much rain at this 
time of the year.  Not that I can remember.

For a man who dislikes rain, 
Arvid was not at his worse.

To all a good day.  Hope wherever you are it is dryer 
than here.  At least Sniff is dry, comfy and happy.

Was hoping to go to Miami Beach today for lunch, 
but Miami is even more flooded.  Been looking forward 
to going to our favorite restaurant there for over a year, with
 Covid and everything (us being in PR) it's been a little over a
 year and a half we were there.  I'm impatient, but it will happen.

I like rainy days.  It reminds me that 
sometimes the world has sad days too...