Nov 8, 2021

New Week ~ November 8th ~

 No matter what yesterday was like,
 birds always start a new day with a song...

A new week begins.  I am grateful to be home, 
and I try not to let my thoughts wander to places
 it shouldn't go.  I miss my Puerto Rico kitties.

So many things I want to do.  I want to go back 
to a few of our favorite restaurants, and of course I 
want to do it all right away.  Arvid of course tells 
me that I am too impatient.  He is right I am.

Whatever your week holds, I hope it's good and that 
you make the most of everyday.  I cherish every day
 and I am grateful for the life I have lived so far.

Today is a new day.  Don't let the lows of yesterday
 prevent you from enjoying the highs of today...