Nov 29, 2021

Thankful For All The Good Times~

 It's all the little moments 
that make life a big adventure...

Our brief stay here was quite enjoyable, and it is
 difficult to say goodbye (once again) to the place I call
 home.  It will always be home, no matter where life takes us.  
I know it's where I want to grow old with Arvid and Sniff.

We've been fortunate to enjoy beach walks and a few of our
 favorite beach places.  There is always something going on.

Evenings you see the boats and all the lights.

Mornings.  Can't decide which is more beautiful.  I'll go for both.

Sunsets are stunning.  I will say no matter where we are 
the sunrises and the sunsets have been always amazing.

In between of all the work, packing and unpacking, we have
 been to a few of our favorite restaurants.  I sure was happy.  
We also enjoyed the company of good friends while here, 
and look forward to being back for more soon.

We have been fortunate that we saw Nina, David, 
Max, Kelsey and Rogue.  Nina and David are also preparing
 for a move at the end of December, but family is important and 
I was not going to leave without seeing them.  It was strange not
 to see Texie, their doggie.  I loved Texie so very much.

I have been at the Galleria Mall a few times, Target, 
had a mani-pedicure and done some shopping.  Arvid
 and I have also eaten at the food court at the mall
 a couple of times.  Simple, but so so good.

Christmas is in full swing everywhere.  When we left 
PR it was already party time.  Here the decorations are 
also out and just like that the festive season is here.

I really enjoyed browsing around 
and checking out all things Christmas.

Sniff has had some good times here, he's had his own private 
suite and has enjoyed the beautiful water views from it.

He has checked out every spot and found a few that 
he likes, of course Arvid would disagree with this.

Although we only had a month in Fort Lauderdale, 
 we did quite a few things, been to a few favorite places
 (when it didn't rain), overall loved every moment, 
and looking forward to more soon.  Very soon.

One of the best moments for Arvid was meeting up 
again with his friend Jim.  They have had a few good
 times together and hopefully many more to come.

Being able to go to Monty's was top of the things I
 wanted to do, fortunately we did.  Even if it rained.

Always a good time and good food at Monty's.

Until next time.  Hopefully not too long.

 I made a new kitty friend in Fort Lauderdale.
  Her name is Snowflake.  A once feral kitty is now the 
sweetest little thing.  Loves to be touched and petted.

Thank you for the good times.  Looking forward to more soon.

There is always something to be grateful for...