Nov 28, 2021

Sunday November 28th ~

The greatest discovery of all time
 is that a person can change his future
 by merely changing his attitude... 

Life's changes come in all shapes and sizes. 
For some of us a big change is simply organizing 
your pantry or adding plants to the living room. 

Others of us may be on precipice of a big career change 
with cross-country move or about to find out that our 
family of three is now going to be four. Change can be 
happy and exciting as well as messy and complicated. 

And as we found out this past year, change
 can be painful when we lose connection with
 those close to us and when we find ourselves in
 a constant state of uncertainty. I should know.

 Whether we're are going through a season of grief,
 heading off to your first year of college, or navigating
 a break-up—it's helpful to know that change is not a 
bad thing. In fact, it has the power to challenge and shape
 you into a more complex and resilient human being
 that will not only survive the curveballs life
 throws, but actually thrive despite them!

Good morning all.  Remember if you never take 
risks you may never know what you can achieve.

Moving doesn't change who you are. It only 
changes the view outside your window...