Nov 6, 2021

Saturday November 6th ~

 My thoughts are free to go anywhere, but it's 
surprising how often they head in your direction...

I am grateful that we have a few thing to do.  Keeps 
my mind busy and prevents me from having thoughts 
I rather want to keep at bay.  I does not work all the 
time, but staying busy does have a few advantages.

The nights are the the hardest right now.  All is quiet and 
my mind has a tendency to wander off.  Try as I may, I have
 not been able to "control" where my thoughts take me.  Maybe 
one day I will.  I have been telling myself this for years now.

I'm not sure how this week has gone by already so
 very fast.  All is good.  Changes happening this month 
for my sisters, so a pretty exciting month overall.

My mind wanders, and I get lost in my thoughts 😭
I carry you in my heart everywhere I go...