Dec 18, 2022

Because There is Something Good in Each Day ~ Sunday December 18th

 There is so much life to be lived...

This is currently my favorite teacup and I am
 using it everyday until Christmas is over.  Makes me 
happy to have cafe or tea in something pretty.

I am really enjoying how easy it is to get around here in Fort Myers, 
and the fact that traffic is so much less than in Fort Lauderdale. 
 For now at least.  I rarely get lost because no matter where we
 go our building is always visible and I just follow it to home.

Life is full of wonderful moments and I want 
to think that we are making the most of it.  No matter
 what we do, we enjoy it and we always have fun.

Sniff continues to be beautiful and pampered. 
 Like it should be.  A good day to everyone
 and whatever you do, do it with joy.

Remember life is short. So do the things that make you 
happy and be with people who make you happy.  Don't ever
 forget to look for the good in every day even if some 
days you have to look a little harder 🌞.

For Arvid no matter how far he has to go for 
that burger (BK) the distance is irrelevant.  BK trumps all other 
burgers in Arvid's world 😂  Every so often even I like it.

She is clothed in strength and dignity and 
she laughs without fear of the future...