Dec 2, 2022

Friday December 2nd ~

 Life is a journey and only you hold the map...

Some days Sniff is brave;  yesterday was one of those days. 
 The temperature was nice and cool so we had the door to the 
balcony open.  Every so often Sniff would go out, but would run 
in right away.  But once Arvid was there he felt safe and
 together they watched the boats and I watched them 💙

Friday, always something to look forward to.  Even more 
so than most days.  Arvid says his "workweek" is over, although 
I will say that is not so.  His "workweek" is never over, but it 
makes us, mostly him feel good.  Everything seems to 
come more alive once the weekend begins.

  The downtown is buzzing with activities, music, people 
and just a happy time.  Time to have some extra fun times. 
 The above is the sunset from our pool deck. Love.

Good morning to all may you be happy with yourself and may 
you find joy in the simple pleasures in life.  Here at home the job
 to remove the boats is still on ongoing and long process.

The boys continue to enjoy time on the balcony.  The boats are slowly
 getting refloated and being towed away.  At least the ones in the water.
  The ones on land, like the above ones...well that's another story.

I have my schedule for my radiation treatment.  If all goes
 well I will only have 16 treatments, but according to my doctor
 that we will know more towards the end of the treatment.  I was
also given a little comfort hat knitted by one of the very kind
 volunteers at the cancer treatment center.  I got a really cute one.

Not in doing what you like, but in liking 
what you do is the secret of happiness...