Dec 29, 2022

December 29th ~

 To be content doesn't mean you don't desire
 more, it means you're thankful for what you 
have and patient for what's to come...

I can see the finish line soon.  Happy about that. At the same time,
 I have met so many amazing women with a story of their own.  Also,
 I have had the kindest medical staff who have made this journey
 a very pleasant experience rather than something to be dreaded. 
 If my cancer should reappear in the future, I am confident 
of receiving the best care possible with them.

As the year concludes all I can say is that I have been fortunate. 
 No matter what has happened, it could have been much worse.  Also,
 I am a better person because of everything we have faced so far.

Arvid is getting restless so yesterday he scrubbed the remaining tiles.
  Yes, there were some curse words in between.  Sniff and I stayed out of
 the way.  Even though Arvid says he enjoys living on the edge with me, 
I know when to not interfere because then he would want me to
 help scrub floors as well.  Thank goodness I am hurting. 
 I have a real excuse this time for not scrubbing 😂

The sun is back shining and Sniff is basking.  He really missed
 the sunshine.  We all did.  It's back to warm weather.  This is how
 Florida is supposed to be.  Back to 80F today, almost 27C 🌞

Up early again, but on the other hand I have also been going to bed earlier. 
 By the early evening I am really tired.  I guess the radiation is kicking in.  
Glad that I am only having minor side effects.  Others not as fortunate.

At the end of the day we can endure
 much more than we think we can..