Dec 12, 2022

Monday December 12th~ New Week

We may easily feel frustrated and lose our passion for
 life when we encounter setbacks. But nothing valuable 
ever comes easy. Painful challenges are the best
 gifts life sends to us to keep us growing... 

Everyone is fighting a battle. And a very tough one most 
of the time.  But we only live ONCE. It’s important to remind
 ourselves that no matter how hard life is, we should never lose
 our love for life as it gives us the energy to keep moving on.

Sometimes the greatest thing to come out of all your
 hard work isn’t what you get for it, but what you become for it.  
Day 6 of radiation and I am feeling good.  Looking forward to
 chatting with my new friends and to hear about their weekend.

Occasionally I do feel burning, tenderness and irritation 
but if I don't focus too much on it I can "make" it go away,
 most of the times.  Other times I just have to wait it out.

Sniff is still chasing an invisible fly, so he's happy and 
I'm happy because he's getting some exercise.  Running
 everywhere, even the usual chasing his tail in a frenzy
 at times.  Life is good and he's such a happy boy.

A good day to all and a great week ahead.  Remember it's
 not always about winning, but about doing our best in every
 situation.  Never give up just pick yourselves up and carry on.  
Our day begins once again a little on the foggy side 🌎

Sometimes the bad things that happen
 in our lives put us directly on the path to the
 best things that will ever happen to us....