Dec 10, 2022

Saturday December 10th ~

 Life is about accepting the challenges along the way,
 choosing to keep moving forward, and savoring the journey...

One week, five days of radiation done, and I can’t tell the 
difference too much.  Today and tomorrow are my days off. 
Thursday we "celebrated" with Cuban food.  Was so good.

Fifteen more treatments to go. Hopefully not more than
 that, but as my doctor said, “ that we will decide at the end”
  I actually like going out everyday for a little.  The drive 
is soothing and just long enough to enjoy my music.

Last night we tried out a different place.  Live band,
 good drinks and a beautiful evening.  So the music was not
 great, but my drink, Sex on the Beach was just delicious.

Yesterday and today Arvid has been and will be busy 
with soccer games. Works out great for all of us. 

Friday night means we get to indulge in a slice of pizza.
 Sounds insignificant but I look forward to this all week long. 
 That one slice on Friday nights is the best pizza.  I dream 
of it all week long. Makes us happy 🍕 and it's delicious.

Saturday.  What shall I do while Arvid and Sniff watch soccer?

Good morning everyone.  Today I will bake a bread pudding. 
 Lately Arvid has been enjoying a few sweet treats.  Let's see if he 
likes my bread pudding as much as he liked my rice pudding 😂

No matter who tries to teach you lessons about life, 
you won’t understand it until you go through it on your own...