Dec 17, 2022

Saturday December 17th ~

 Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn...

December is more than halfway done.  Unbelievable how 
fast this year has gone by.  Many things have happened this year. 
 Of course many good and many not so good.  It's life.

Whether you're sitting on the beach, hiking in the mountains,
 or even relaxing in a rocking chair on your own front porch, watching 
a breathtaking sunset never gets old.  Each day ends with a unique sunset 
that is unlike any that has come before or will come after. Sunsets no matter 
where you live are breathtaking, with a promise of a better day to come.

We try to walk a few times during the week.  Usually
 there are no kitties around, but the other day we made a new 
friend.  He's super friendly and I hope to see him again.

My friend Sharon is back in Fajardo and she has already seen 
MacGyver and Shygirl.  There was no Marbles around and she 
always is with MacGyver.  I am so happy about MacGyver and Shygirl,
 but my heart breaks for the others.  Marbles is no longer around 😢

I just can't get the memory of my PR kitties out of my 💔There 
are days I think of them forever and it still hurts.  I loved Marbles. 
 Heck I love them all, but Marbles and MacGyver they were
 siblings and always together.  She loved shredded chicken 💔

My heart is hurting.  It just can't seem to catch a break. 
Arvid keeps telling myself day after day, "you cannot get 
involved so deeply all the time.  You cannot save the world."  

My Sniff is always there to make me feel better.  I just love him.
  Currently 61 degrees Fahrenheit or 16 Celsius.  I think the ⛄
 temperature is perfect right now.  Nice cool crisp in the air.

My sister, the baker in our family.  Check her out @Narima's Homemade
A good day to all Christmas is right around the corner  Be happy and jolly.
Yesterday was all about the rain.  Today looks much, much better.

Grief drives us into a darkness like nothing else can...