Dec 3, 2022

Saturday December 3rd ~

Music expresses that which cannot be
 said and on which it is impossible to be silent... 

After a very long time we will finally be seeing one of
 our favorite Blues artists to in The Bradenton Blues Festival,
 and yes, I also like Albert Castiglia very much. He's good. 

When Brutus died, Arvid wrote a song for him. 
 Yes for Brutus, based on a Blues song.  Arvid asked Albert
to sing the song for us.  He did.  Aside from, that Albert
 is a great Blues/Rock and Roll  musician.

Yesterday we went to Fort Lauderdale.  Also for a concert. 
 Some one called Tab Benoit.  Arvid loves his music and I enjoy 
the outings.  I may not love the music as much as Arvid, but I sure 
always have a good time just by being out and seeing happy people 
having a great time.  One sure gets caught up in this vibe.

We also took the opportunity to go to a favorite restaurant 
of ours.  Always good to go to the place we called
 home for so many years.  It sure is beautiful.

With each passing day Sniff is becoming bolder and bolder.  
What may seem like nothing for most cats is a big deal for Sniff.  
Each accomplishment is a happy moment for me.  Sniff is slowly
discovering more of the "outdoors" meaning the balcony 😂

Definitely making his mama proud.  Arvid is the one who 
really keeps a close eye on Sniff when he's "outside"

Here in Fort Myers there is so much debris not only 
from boats but everything, trees, furniture, office items.  You
 name it, it's there waiting to be removed.  It's a slow process,
 even though there are people working on it everyday.  The
 damage is more than one can imagine, and it is prioritized 

Everywhere you turn there is debris.  Still a sad site.

The cleanup process is slow.

But at the end of each day, a beautiful sunset.

Good morning and to all a good day.  I'm loving my festive nails.

No one can help your soul if you aren’t 
willing to be your true color, to be the real you...