Dec 21, 2022

Message of Hope ~

Hope is going to get us through it.  When you have hope, 
you have everything, Nothing can stand in your way...

The poinsettia tree has made its appearance in 
 Fort Myers beach since its founding in 1995.  After hurricane Ian, 
it's existence was up in the air, but the community was not about
 to give up on something as special as this tradition.  So they
 took on the task of building it back up and succeeded.  It's a 
symbol of hope in the middle of all the devastation.

People both on and off Fort Myers Beach brought over poinsettias.  
They used a total of 365 of them to complete the tree.  What started 
out as a "cute" idea so many years ago is a symbol of hope and unity
 of a community all coming together in the face of adversity 🎄.

Hope is a word so many people are using after Ian.
 It's a symbol across southwest Florida that can be seen
 through many monuments, including the poinsettia 🎄
 Christmas tree now standing tall on Fort Myers Beach.

A little something like this tree is a big something right now
 for the people in Fort Myers Beach and all Fort Myers.

Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness..