Dec 14, 2022

Wednesday December 14th ~

 Three things you cannot recover in life: the moment after it’s
 missed, the word after it’s said, and the time after it’s wasted...

The days are going by very fast.  Already my 8th treatment. 
 Halfway there almost, and I still feel fairly good.

For sure my appetite has not been affected.  That would have 
been too good to be true.  Where everyone else might be losing weight,
 I am sure enjoying my foodies even more.  Life sure is unfair 😂

Arvid and I are enjoying our days, doing just simple things.  
The weather is beautiful and Fort Myers being a lot smaller makes 
it so easy to get around.  I find my way without even needing
 Arvid to map it out for me.  yes, I use my GPS, but I 
also always rely on Arvid as my primary GPS.

Sniff enjoys the "outdoors" daily, as in the balcony.  
He's so used to it now that if we don't leave the doors 
open he cries and cries.  He's just a good happy boy.

Many people are missing out on their blessings
 because they're carrying around negative energy....