Dec 15, 2022

Thursday December 15th ~

 We pass through this world but once...

Radiation therapy has been extended until the end of December.  
My doctor things it's a good precaution since my cancer cells are
 of the type that multiply way too fast.  I'm okay with that.  
 It's not as if I have another option right now 😂

Last night was a little more uncomfortable than usual.
  I hurt, but I know that I will have those days as well. Felt as if
 I was punched on my breast, ribs and my arm.  Right now it feels
 much better.  I could definitely do without the nausea and the 
terrible taste in my mouth, but it was a known possibility.

Arvid and I did a little mall walking/exercise the other day.
  Christmas is in full swing, but I will admit, my favorite mall
 is still The Galleria Mall in Fort Lauderdale.  It's cleaner and
 classier x100 times, and at Christmas it is always beautiful.

Another day with the adventures of Sniff and the outdoors.  
Takes him about five minutes to make his way to the balcony.
  He has to scan the area several times making sure he's safe
 and when Arvid is there the venturing out is a bit faster.

Here he's taking aim to jump up onto the little table 
on the balcony to better check it all out.  Several tries 
before he is actually up 😂  Always fun to watch him.

I look forward to my radiation therapy.  I get out of 
the house, I chat with my new friends and all in all it makes 
for a pretty good day.  The afternoons I do get tired, but that's
 okay.  I can always rest, and I sleep much better at nights.

The fog has already begun to clear up.  Looking to be 
another beautiful day, and the cold front is on its way.

Success isn't about how your life looks
 to others. It's about how it feels to you...