Dec 13, 2022

Tuesday December 13th ~

 Life is your biggest treasure. Enjoy it. If you
 forget to, it will soon be gone, never to return...

The boats damaged by Hurricane Ian that are still 
in the water are being slowly removed.  Pretty soon that cleanup,
 at least around us will be a done deal.  Still a lot to do, but
 there are people working daily on that project.

As you can see there are less boats now in the water.  Many
 have been "rescued"  On the other hand, the boat rescue on
 land is just beginning, and that job requires the "heavy" guns.

In comes this "monster" of a machine.  Arvid is definitely 
looking forward to see this machine in action.  Binoculars are ready.  
The coming week will for sure be a "busy" one for him.

There is still so much work to do.  There are boats everywhere and
 no where to store them.  That is the problem right now.  Where to take 
the boats.  Many of the marinas were destroyed by Hurricane.

Day seven of radiation and I still feel as good as always.  I do 
sleep better, so maybe if I am a little tired it all works out for the best.
Good morning to all and a good day to all.  Make it an amazing one.

Appreciate life as it happens. Moments will soon pass 
and you will wish you had treasured them more...