Dec 6, 2022

Tuesday December 6th ~

 El cuerpo necesita descanso.  La mente paz y el corazon alegria...

Hurricane Ian did take lives.  I know it, but seeing the names  on
 this "Memorial Wall" brought it even more into perspective.  I can't
 begin to explain the sadness I felt 💔.  The people that perished
 were someone's reason for joy and happiness in this life.

The "wall" is a gritty reminder of how we should never 
take anything or anyone for granted.  Life has no guarantees.  
One day you're here and who knows what tomorrow holds.

It's a beautiful spot.  At the same time you watch the sunset
 you are also reminded of the lives lost right in this area.  Arvid
 and I see this "wall" from our balcony, but it's just not the
 same as seeing it up close and reading the names on it.

It has left a lasting impression on me.  One boy was just six years old.

In life you have to live through the worst parts so that you 
never take the best parts for granted.  Tonight and every 
night someone is weeping the loss of a loved one.

Yesterday I had my first radiation treatment.  Initially the plan
 was just 16 treatments, but my doctor called and said we may have
 to do more than that.  But first we do the 16 and go from there.  

No need to worry about something that may not happen,
 and if it does...well I deal with it then.  As I said, in life there
 are no guarantees   The rules to the game changes constantly.

To all a good day.  Make sure you remind yourself that 
there is always something to be grateful for.  No matter 
how insignificant it may seem.  Just be thankful.

If anything is worth doing, do it with all your heart...