May 19, 2023

Friday May 19th ~

 Tears which last a lifetime speak for 
the most cherished memories made...

Every morning this little squirrel comes up to the deck 
trying to steal the bird food.  I chase him away, but now I
 have started to feel a little bad about it.  I do feed them their
 peanuts, but he's so impatient, can't seem to wait his turn.

Yesterday morning I got a call from Victoria and Michael in Norway.
  A call you don't want to get.  Their furbaby died. Little Loffen is no  💔
longer; and the weirdest thing is right before that call I was thinking of Loffen
 and calculating his age.  They got Loffen around the time we got Brutus. 
 My heart is broken all over again.  For Victoria.  For Michael. 
 For Loffen.  For Brutus.  Loffen was their baby 😿💔

There will be no more summer escapades for this little one. 
 He had a beautiful life and was loved until his last breath.  I didn't 
know him that much, but I loved him.  I knew Loffen through 
Victoria and Michael and now a part of me is mourning him also.
It is a fearful thing to love what death can touch.  But the joy..

In Norway Victoria and Michaels life has been touched by a 
grief that only one who goes through it can relate to it.  I wish it were
 not so, because this is one kind of grief that tears year hear apart.

Loffen, your mama and your dada  just want you back
 with them.  They were not ready to let go.  Like all of us who
 have furbabies, we want forever with you. As Victoria said 
to me yesterday, "Loffen truly had nine lives."  💔

His little hands stole my heart.  His little feet ran away with it...