May 27, 2023

Saturday May 27th ~

 You don't have to be positive all the time.  It's perfectly okay
 to feel sad, angry, frustrated, scared, or anxious.  Having feelings
 doesn't make you a "negative person."  It makes you human...

It's looking to be a beautiful day here.  The sun will be out 
and the day will be warm.  The nights are still cold,  and yes 
we do still keep the heat on.  Very strange weather we have been
 having.  Maybe that's why my bronchitis is still lingering on 😟, 
but at least my chest x-rays did not show anything too bad.

As far as Sniff goes all is well.  He has no worries in this world.  
He is well cared for and loved every single minute of his life. Arvid 
and I enjoy spending time at The Landing.  Always pretty and the
 many restaurants and shops makes it a great attraction all year long.

We have not tried the Zipline as yet. Who know, 
I might develop bravery before we leave this fall.

The days are beautiful.  Weather is great and being able to go 
to The Landing makes it more enjoyable when in Branson.

Good morning world.  Sniff's basking in sunshine.

Dear mind please stop thinking so much at night, I need sleep...