May 6, 2023

Saturday May 6th ~

Life is a journey, and if you fall in love with
 the journey, you will be in love forever...

 Yesterday was a cleanup kind of day.  I spent time cleaning 
up my laptop and deleting thousands of pictures.  Of course in that 
process I came across a few that either made me smile or a little sad. 
 Let's just say when it comes to my kitties I can't bring myself 
to delete any.  And that includes my PR kitties.

We also spent time cleaning/organizing the basement.  
Making piles of thing that goes to different places.  These 
are boxes we have not opened since we brought them from 
Puerto Rico.  It was time to see what we have.  Definitely lots
 of stuff to give away.  I rather give it to someone than sell it.

On one of our road trips.  I take pictures of everything. 
  Banners, signs, license plates.  You name it.  This one made me laugh.  
For a minute there it reminded me of Arnold in The Terminator
 and his popular, "I'll be back."  Laughter is always good.

I came across pictures of the times we lived in Chicago.
  Definitely one of the most beautiful cities.  Do I want to live there
 again?  Answer is no, but for the time we did.  We all loved it.

My goal is to just live in Florida, and not have Sniff go 
through anymore plane trips.  Hopefully this will be the case. 
 I have loved Branson from the first time we got here in 2016.
  Today I feel differently.  I still like it, but I no longer feel as if 
I belong or want to be here. The people are amazing.

Good morning all.  Of course there is all those breathtaking
 scenic Norwegian landscapes.  I consider myself lucky to 
have been able to experience a little of these places.

Sometimes the longest journey we 
make is from our heads to our hearts...