May 29, 2023

Monday May 29th ~

Extraordinary things are always hiding 
in places people never think to look...

 Any day that begins with a sunrise as beautiful as this, is 
definitely going to be a good one.  Feeling good and I look 
forward to the new week.  As always Arvid and I are always up 
for something to do, and he always finds a project.  Keeps him
 busy and happy.  Keeps me from causing trouble as well.

This past week has been really good for us.  Much
 has gotten accomplished.  Arvid and I are still 
smiling and of course Sniff is oblivious of all
 except that he's loved and loved more.

Over the weekend we had another great time at The Landing.  
This time we also had the opportunity to show it to a colleague
 visiting from another state.  As always it did not disappoint.

Back in Fort Myers, Florida,  dad M15 and his boy E22 continue 
to captivate audiences.  They have followers from all over the 
world.  The picture below is taken from their Facebook Page

Happy Memorial Day.  America, home of the free, because of the brave.

All you need is the plan, the road map, and 
the courage to press on to your destination...