May 2, 2023

Tuesday May 2nd ~

 No matter what happens or how bad it feels today,
 life does go on, and it will get better tomorrow...

The best way to start my day is always with Sniff by my side.  
Definitely going to be a good one.  Now for it to get warmer.

I continue with very bad allergies.  Not something I usually have, 
but ever since getting to Branson there has not been a day without allergies.
  I can hardly breathe much at night.  Hopefully this will change soon.
  I can't step outdoors without being full blown allergies.

Yesterday was a very bad allergy day for me.  I also have the 
chills and you name it I have it.  I feel crappy right now, 
but hopefully today will be better.  To all a good day.

If you wish to live to see better days, 
then you must endure the bad days...