May 20, 2023

Saturday May 20th ~

 Disbelief becomes my close companion, 
and anger follows in its wake....

My day begins with my Sniff by my side, and I am happy for 
that, at the same time I can't help put picture a girl and a boy in 
Norway whose day begins without their Loffen.  If I could, I would 
do anything to take away their pain, that grief that tears you apart. 

 I go about doing what needs to be done, but every so often 
my mind goes to Victoria and Michael and because I know what 
they are going through I just can't help being heartbroken all 
over again.  Victoria said it well, "the worst day of my life."

If there is a kitty heaven I hope Loffen finds our Brutus, 
Shadow my other kitties, Annas babies and all the furbabies 
and my PR kitties.  Hope they play together.  Words only, 
but sometimes it's  just OK to hold on to something.

Good morning everyone.  Take the time to hug your
 furbabies a little tighter today for we have no idea what 
tomorrow holds.  The same goes for your loved ones.

We try to tell ourselves that it's a bad dream, a nightmare.
  That we will wake up and our little furbaby will be by our side. 
 We try, but with each new day this nightmare we are living 
becomes our reality.  Unless you have lost, you will not really 
understand.  Lucky you.  All we carry now are memories.

It's a typical morning here at home.  Elsewhere
 someone's heart is shattered.  Life as they say is 
under no obligation to give us what we expect 💔

There is no greater sorrow that to recall in
 misery the time when we were happy...