May 3, 2023

Wednesday May 3rd ~

Be ready to catch the ball when it is thrown by life...

 Suddenly I feel like smoothie time again.  Every so 
often I get this urge to have one daily 😂.  Let's see how
 long it will last.  I have stocked up with everything I need.  
Hopefully I will use it all.  The first one was delicious, 
but not sweet enough.  Let's see how todays pan out.

Allergies are not giving me a break.  Hopefully this will de over soon.
  I think of going back home to Fort Myers a lot lately.  When we were in Las Vegas
 both Arvid and I thought of home a lot.  For some reason I don't see Branson 
as home anymore.  Not sure what changed, but something sure did.

Winter continues to haunt us.  Seems like it does not want
 to leave⛄.  The days are beautiful, but the mornings and nights
 are still very cold.  Heat still going as are my allergies. 

 Good morning and a good day to all.  Wish I was was my sister
 right now.  She and David are on their way to warm Florida.

Have patience. All things are difficult before they become easy...