May 23, 2023

Tuesday May 23rd ~

 Sometimes it takes only one act of kindness
 and caring to change a person's life...

Life teaches you lessons all day long.  Be it good or bad,
 you always learn something along the way.  At least one hopes so.

At some point in all our lives tragedy will touch us.  There is
 no "saving" us from it.  I just wish that it didn't touch the ones
 we love.  I just can't think of someone I love hurting, crying.  
I just can't because I know how it feels and it's not good.

Staying busy keeps the mind occupied, most of the time.
Wishing everyone a day filled with all things good.  May each
 day bring you a little more peace and acceptance. 

 It took me years and years to get there, and some
 days I do go back to square one.  But life is a work in 
progress and we each heal and cope differently.

When a dear person in your life loses their cat, it can be hard
 to know the right words to say. The loss of their perfect pet has
 left them with a hole in their heart that will never fully heal. 

Losing your best little friend teaches you patience, strength, 
and rebuilding your life.  A cat's love forever graces your heart...