May 11, 2023

Thursday May 11th ~

One of the happiest moments in life is when you find
 the courage to let go of what you cannot change...

 Loving the fact that my little friends are back.  Meaning my 
groundhog friends.  Took them a while before they began to show
 up daily.  Now they know that food awaits them so they are very
 punctual.  Love seeing them nibble in carrots and sweet potatoes. 

Beautiful weather means many an enjoyable day spent at
 The Landing.  Walking around just enjoying the warmth and
 sunshine.  Makes a difference in ones outlook.  Unfortunately,
 the next few days we will be having rain, but still warm

Thursday already.  The week is moving along just right. 
Yesterday I made it to Almost Home.  First time since we got here.
  Lucky me there were many people waiting and many passed by.

  It was good to see our old tenants and to be at Almost Home 
again.  This time though it did not feel like the last times. 
 All reminders of me in the office is gone.  That is not a 
bad thing, but it felt a little sad at that moment.

Flowers are in full bloom.  I sneeze as I go out, but it's 
really hard for me to ignore all the beauty around me.

Good morning to all and a good day.  It is raining right now,
 but my wildlife friends have already been fed as has Sniff. Sniff
 is about to nap again.  All's good.  Arvid is still in sleepy land.

Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know...