May 18, 2023

Thursday May 18th

So much of life, it seems to me, is determined by pure randomness...

 Somedays randomness feels good.  My sister is in Florida and 
as they were driving to their favorite Cuban restaurant, Jesus man was 
in the corner with his sign.  Sure makes me miss Fort Myers and our 
Jesus man.  Branson does not sell guavas so I order them from Ebay.

Fatboy has gotten a little braver than usual.  He now sticks around a
 little when he sees me, but he still flies always.  Today he's just enjoying
 some food left on the deck by me for the pigeons.  They (the pigeons) 
do not eat from the feeder.  Seems like they prefer it on firm ground.

We are still having wet days.  It does not rain all day long, but 
it's randomness.  This has not bothered the birdies at all.  They still 
come for foodies.  I know that when we leave they will still be 
eating well.  Our neighbor also has a feeder out on his deck.

Good morning everyone.  Arvid continues to work 9-6 no
 one would believe he's semi-retired.  Let's just say he 
works harder that the guys who are hired to do the job.

I have many problems in life. But my 
lips don't know that. They always smile😂

Let your smile change the world, but 
don't let the world change your smile...