May 4, 2023

Thursday May 4th ~

There are memories that time does not erase... Forever 
does not make loss forgettable, only bearable...

 Sniff wakes up to bird watching and continues to do so 
throughout the day.  Sure keeps him busy and happy.  At times
 frustrated because he wants to get to the bird.  Glad he can't
 because I sure won't like to see an injured birdie.

Another chilly start of the day, but it's getting better.  

To all a good day.  Hopefully wherever you are, it is much
 warmer than Branson, Missouri.  One thing for sure though,
 the birdies are always a beautiful sight and a joy to watch.

Looking forward to the warmup we have been promised 😍

I have an uncanny ability to embrace life's experiences...