May 10, 2023

Wednesday May 10th ~

The best kind of sleep beneath heaven above
 is under a quilt, handmade with love...

 Yesterday I received a beautiful surprise in the mail
 from a friend of the family. Her name is Jamie Rodriquez
 and I met this amazing woman in 1992 in Puerto Rico. 
She was and still is my moms very good friend.  

In 1993 under very sad circumstances we met again in 
Puerto Rico. My first husband, Paul Michael Riley had
 just died in California. I flew to PR to be with my parents,
 and sisters, and to also scatter Paul’s ashes in the ocean.

Once again Jamie was there.   I thought I was
 having a rough time until I heard Jamie’s story. 

 She’s a military “brat” but being a woman at that time in the
 army was not easy.  Let’s just say Jamie faced the hardest 
times in the military but at the same time excelled.

I learnt that Jamie was also a cancer survivor.  Not only 
has she survived and overcome cancer several times but
 hers is an ongoing battle.  She’s in remission and then
 it comes back. Then the fight for her life begins all 
over again. Jamie has been doing this ever since
 I met her and it started way before that.

Yesterday's beautiful surprise was a quilt made by 
Jamie just for me.  When she found out I was battling 
breast cancer she started making me this quilt. 

 It is the most beautiful gift, made with love and so
 much caring.  I love it and I must have done something right 
in my life to have someone as special as Jamie in it.

These quilts take months to make. Mine did and so 
did the one she made for my sister Rima.  Jamie spends her
 free time and her military pension making quilts and donating 
it to charities.  She donates mainly to law enforcement.  

Each and every quilt made by her is unique and beautiful.
 In it she puts all her love, compassion and time only to make 
sure someone just like me feels loved and special.  

Courage is grace under pressure = Jamie...