May 9, 2023

Tuesday May 9th~

 When setting out on a journey do not seek 
advise from someone who never left home...

My mouth feels once again like a new mouth.  After two 
visits to the dentist I have finally been able to have my cleaning. 
 I did have a cleaning in November as well in Fort Myers.  I don't 
like dentists, but I sure go there often.  As I told my dentist,
 "with all the dental work I have had throughout the year, I
 could have have probably bout a house or two.😂" 
 I'm now set for the next four months or so.

Allergies continue to plague me.  Just when I think it's
 getting better it picks up all again in full force. My face
feels puffy from sneezing all the time. I keep telling myself
 that it will soon be over.  Allergy season that is.

Yesterday Sniff was not himself.  Usually when I am awake 
he comes to me for playtime and brushing.  Then he would 
want his foodies.  Yesterday he never got out of his bed.

Not like him at all.  I kept trying to entice him with toys and 
brushing but to no avail.  He stayed in his bed until the afternoon. 
 I then took him down and carried his to his food. After a
 while he ate some, but went right back to sleeping.

We all have days like these, never expected Sniff to 
fall into it.  Last night there was thunder and lightning.
  Usually Sniff takes off way before it starts.  It began once we
 were in bed.  Again Sniff did the unexpected (we loved it😍)  

He came to the bed and stayed between Arvid and I.  As 
long as he touched us or one of us was touching him 
he slept.  Our arms may be a little sore this morning,
 but it was well worth having Sniff feel safe. 

Warm days are here.  Always good.  Everything seems 
so much brighter and better when the sun is shining.

You don’t have to be positive all the time. It’s perfectly okay
 to feel sad, angry, annoyed, frustrated, scared and anxious. Having
 feelings doesn’t make you a negative person. It makes you human...