Jul 20, 2023

20th Daftö Resort Sweden ~

  Camping: The art of getting closer to
 nature while getting farther away from the nearest
 cold beverage, hot shower, and flush toilet...

I can just imagine staying in this beautiful place, surrounded
 by a stunning nature and astonishing views.  Well Arvid and I will
 be "camping" out with Michelle and family.  Nature at its best.

I am not an outdoor person.  Meaning camping, hiking and that kind of 
stuff is not me, but this looks so special that it will be worth trying and best
 of all, we get to spend time bonding with Michelle, Emil and the girls. 
This campsite is like an all inclusive and we will be staying in
 the hotel section.  Although the cabins don't look too bad.

And just like that our "camping" experience in Sweden begins. 
 Yes, we have all the comforts of a hotel, restaurants and such.  Not 
a punishment, but an adventure, and I do like adventures a lot.

It is geared for families.  Activities galore for the kids, 
many restaurants and from what I have read and been told,
 there is something for everyone.  Age not a problem. We
 have been looking forward to this for some time now.

This will be a first time to Daftö Resort for both Arvid and I.
  Looking forward to a new experience and a good time with
 family. Family always gonna be there. The material things, they
 come and go.  As they say, may your trails be crooked, winding, 
lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. 
May your mountains rise into and above the clouds.

The glories of a mountain campfire are far greater than
 may be guessed.   Camping – because therapy is expensive...