Jul 8, 2023

Saturday July 8th ~

 Courage is not seeing the bad and ignoring it. Courage is the
 result of seeing the good and jumping in despite the danger..

This may not sound like a big deal, and truthfully I 
am not making it a big deal of it, it's just that with my hair 
"hacked" off it is difficult to keep it away from my face, 
and in this heat that is not so pleasant.  I know that 
in a few months it will be under "control" again.

As always I am an early riser.  At times earlier than I would like.
  Many a mornings my wildlife friend are already out waiting.  I try 
not to get to them before 6 am, but this morning as I looked out the 
window they were already there looking upwards.  All I needed to 
go out talk to them, and of course give them some foodies.

Knee pain or no knee pain, I find a way to sit on the floor
 and make sure Sniff gets his brushing and morning cuddles. 
 Sniff loves being touched and massaged, not so much
 being picked up.  Which I do anyway each day.

Everywhere we go there is always something beautiful 
to look forward to.  When we lived in Puerto Rico, I looked
 forward to seeing and feeding my kitty cats.  To this
 day I miss them and think of them very often.

Here in Branson I look forward to my wildlife friends.  
This year I have more than ever, and I also feed then al and they
 in return provide me with endless hours of entertainment and
 smiles.  I do get a little too attached, I have to work on that.

When we lived in Fort Lauderdale I did not get attached to
 much there.  I guess we took it for granted that we will always
 have the ocean and palm trees anywhere we went; but moving 
to Fort Myers I got "attached" to our Friday routine.  

I love our walks to downtown, a little music, a fruity
 drink and to end it our favorite slice of pizza.  So looking
 forward to that again.  Yes, I love our Florida lifestyle 
and I would like us to be there right now 🌴

Sniff is having one of those lazy days.  In fact, he has 
many of them.  He's a little slacker and I love it.  Sniff makes
 me happy; no matter what he does, I always have a smile.

My knee is not behaving to put it mildly.  The cortisone 
shot I had has still not taken full effect.  Last night as I was 
sitting my knee just popped.  I have had pain, but this is a
 new kind of pain.  Sitting scares me because that's when
 the pain begins.  I'm doomed to stand all day long.

On a lighter note.  The work week is over and we made 
the most of it.  Now looking forward to relaxing and 
doing absolutely nothing for a little.  We earned that.

Good day to all and may this be the start of a beautiful weekend ahead.

Stay positive and happy. Work hard and don't give up. 
Be open to criticism and keep learning. Surround 
yourself with happy, warm, and genuine people...