Jul 12, 2023

Greetings from Norway July 12th~

It takes a moment to make memories and a lifetime to
 forget them.  Let's make some happy memories together...

Greetings from Norway.  We made it to Horten and we plan
 to have a good time.  Talk about a scenic place 😍(Norway)

First days are still catch up with jetlag , but the worst is over.  
It was way too long a flight; which I do not like at all.  Now it's time
 to make wonderful memories with family.  My last time in Norway 
was 2019 because of the Pandemic, so it's catch up time.

To all a good day.  Will be staying in touch, depending on
 how soon/good I can connect to the internet.  This time I will
 make a much bigger effort to have a very good time.  After 
all, some of my favorite/loved ones live in Norway.

My Sniff is home.  Yes I will miss him, but he is well cared for.

Our pictures are our footprints. It’s the 
best way to tell people we were here...