Jul 19, 2023

Wednesday July 19th~

Today will be a good day so wake up and smile...

 When the first thing I see on my phone is this 💚there is
 no way I am not going to have a great day.  Missing my 
Sniff at the same time having a very good time with 
family.  Making those lasting lifetime memories.

Looking back and looking forward.  2019, Arvid,
 his mom and I went to visit his dad's grave.  Not so long
 ago Michelle and the girls went to visit both Arvid's dad 
and mom's grave.  They call it the circle of life ❤.

My Sniff is home alone and he's doing good.  I am
 really missing him, but I am also enjoying time in Norway 
with everyone.  So far we are having a very good time, but 
when evening comes I so want to pack my bags and go home.
  No matter what, home is where Sniff is.  Home is the USA, 
and for me there is no other place like my home.

Yesterday we gad a wonderful outing with Victoria and Michael. 
 It was not too long but it was very very pleasant, like it always is with
 them.  Conversation flowed easily and best of all it was in English.  This
 makes me feel like I belong unlike many a times when out with others,
 when all that is spoken is Norwegian.  I came back content and happy.

Life has always been and will always be 
beautiful, regardless of how some or even all people
 have looked, are looking, or will look at it...