Jul 11, 2023

Hello's From Norway ~

 We have to find compromises. That’s the way it is in Norway...

We made it.  Already about to have our first hotdog.  I who never
 eat a hotdog back home will probably have a few in Norway😔

Horten bound.  Will be very strange not seeing Arvid's mom.

I read somewhere that for most Norwegians just being in
 the countryside is not enough. They also need to be as far away 
from any other human being as possible.  Do you blame them?

Norway is high mountains and deep fjords. It is wide open
 spaces and rocky coastlines. It is islands and archipelagos. 
It is lush farmland and rolling moors. The sea laps
 Norway’s shores in the north, west and south. 

Norway is midnight sun and polar night. It is harsh winters
 and mild winters. It is hot summers and cold summers. 
Norway is a long and sparsely populated country. Norway
 is Arvid's homeland and where all his family lives.

Arvid's mom will not be there anymore.  She would
 have loved to know that we finally got a little place right
 in town walking distance from where she lived.

To all a good day. And just like that, our vacation
 in Norway begins.  See you around soon.

There is nothing like returning to a place that remains
 unchanged to find the way in which you yourself have altered...