Jul 17, 2023

Back in Norway ~

At the end of the day, if I can say I 
had fun, it was a good day...

 A few days in Poland, now back in Norway.  
Would have loved to be back home with Sniff, but 
we are spending time with everyone so that is also very nice.
Below are a few scenic pictures from Poland taken by me

On our last day the skies were stormy, 
fortunately we missed all the bad weather.

We walked this path everyday.  

If you look carefully you may see a lock with the initials NA😍

Saturday was so hot we all had caps on.  Loved it because it hid my freaky haircut 😂

I even ended up getting a second hat, not sure I will 
be wearing it again, but in Poland it served it's purpose. 
 It protected me a little from the drizzles, that was good.

We got back yesterday.  Did some laundry and shopping.  
Saw Michelle and family.  Today we see Victoria and Michael 
and hopefully on Wednesday we will have a little time alone.

After this trip to Poland we have decided that we may
 not go back anymore.  It's beautiful, food is good, but we 
have done it a few times.  It's time for a new place.

My mind is never far from my Sniff.  He's doing good 
and I get a picture everyday.  Makes me happy to see his 
little face, but it makes me want to be home now as well.

  Back in Horten, Arvid's hometown in Norway, 
the sun is rising and I am awake way too early with nothing
 to do.  I am missing my Sniff and my home right now.  

On the bright side, yesterday we spent time with Michelle
 and family.  I was very surprised to see that the girls loved Indian 
food.  The butter chicken was a hit.  Even Arvid managed to eat
 something, and he's not crazy about Indian food.  Too bad because
 it is sure the best food there is, right there with Puerto Rican food.

Good morning and a good day to all.  A week is already
 done since we've been in Norway.  Now the time will fly by.  
Today Michelle and family leave for Sweden.  We will meet 
them later on this week.  We have been looking forward to
 this for a long time now, and suddenly it's happening 😍

Seize the day, then let it go.  The best thing
 about storms is that they always pass...