Jul 3, 2023

Monday July 3rd~

Even though you're fed up, you got to keep ya head up...

 First week of the month begins and so far not a bad month
could also be because the month is just 3 days old 😂

This week is beginning on a really good note.  We have 
finally found the right office manager and maintenance man for
 Almost Home.  One can only hope that this time they will be the 
winning team that keeps the place in ship shape.  So far, what we 
have seen has been good.  Fingers crossed, it stays this way.

 I feel okay and confident with Patricia being in charge at the
 office.  Today it is very difficult to find someone you can trust and 
someone who is capable.  She has those qualities and more.

The new day has begun beautifully and I know it
 will continue to be a great week.  Things are finally
 falling into place.  As you know hard work does pay off.
  A great week to all.  For us it sure is looking good.

On a different note,  I went to have a little trim last week. 
 I told the girl to cut the split ends and give me a few layers.  Next
 thing you know, she butchered my hair.  I now have half of the hair
 I used to have.  The good thing with hair is that is grows back 😂

Trust, but verify.  Trust is earned when actions meet words...