Jul 31, 2023

Soon Home To Sniff ~ July 31

The best journey takes you home...

Soon home to Sniff and to my wildlife friends.  Yes a happy
 day.  My 4 Geralds (groundhog) and birdies are waiting for their 
foodies.  I have missed their little faces and beautiful sounds.
Come tomorrow we will be heading home to the USA.

I can picture my little Sniff waking up from 
his bed on the table in the dining room and just slacking
 waiting to be fed and brushed.  He takes is easy.

It is always nice to go places, but the best part 
is coming home, and coming home we are.

Today we all gather at Michelle and Emil's for dinner.
  Michelle makes a dish her dad likes, and this has been going 
on for many years now.  A little tradition.  Michelle is an amazing
 young woman, mother and wife.  She never ceases to impress me.

Good morning to all and a great week as well.  Mornings
 are always better with a good cup of coffee.

It's been a good summer so far and the day is still young.
  Still many memories to make with family💛.

This summer has been a little cooler than I can remember, 
but at the same time so much better than the heatwave 
we will be going back to.  I do like the cool air.

Life takes you many places, love brings you home...