Jul 7, 2023

Friday July 7th ~

It was so hot people in India were sweating like Americans
 waiting to hear if their job is being outsourced to India...

 A few of my favorite things and my favorite
 "person" and of course Arvid is one of them. 
 Fridays in Branson always a good time.

We have been having extremely hot weather, but on the 
bright side it does "cool" down a bit in the nights.  Cool down
 is just another way of saying you won't die of heat exhaustion
 during the nights 😂 Sniff loves it warm, hence the sweater.

I will say it again, I do not like the heat.  I like warm
 temperatures, but not heatwave.  The other day Arvid and I 
were out and we sat outside, let's just say it was not the most 
comfortable time for me.  Arvid on the other hand, sure loves
 the heat.  It was the first time he did not have on a sweater.

On the bright side, a few cold tropical drinks sure had me
 feeling happy, and then the heat was no longer an issue.  
Loving these relaxing times we are slowly retaking.

 A good day to all and may it be the beginning 
of a relaxing weekend ahead of us all.

On a different note, a little random news from Florida. 
 Although it's not funny, in many ways it is.  If you live in 
Florida you will see people driving into pools and buildings 
everyday.  It's common, and the sharks..well not sure if 
people are afraid of them or if it's a good photo opportunity.  
Even if you get eaten in the process, you went viral.

It will be nice weather if you wait long enough...