Jul 25, 2023

Tuesday July 25th ~

Even though you're growing up, 
you should never stop having fun...

 Our week began beautifully.  We had and still have
 our two eldest granddaughters here with us.  We took them 
out to lunch, and to the movies.  Good for all of us. 

Last night was their first night with us in Norway.  There 
will be many more to come.  Maybe not this year, but in the 
years to come.  Something we look forward to as well. Wishing
 everyone a good day.  In Norway it feels like winter right now.

Norwegian summer at its best.  Sure feels like winter.

Meanwhile at home, Sniff is patiently waiting for me.

 I am going to keep having fun every day
 I have left, because there is no other way of life...