Jul 5, 2023

One Of Those Days~ Wednesday July 5th

In every walk with nature one receives  far more than he seeks...

 If you look closely you can see that the racoon is holding
 a corn kernel between his "hands."  I buy the corn for the deer,
 but now the squirrels, chipmunks, groundhogs, turtles and the 
racoon seem to also like it.  I buy a 50lb back of the corn kernel 
and it last me about a week.  So I order 4 bags at a time 
that's 200lbs of corn which was only for the deer.

I felt a little sorry for the racoon so now I throw corn for him 
late at nights when all the other wildlife has already been fed and
 are sleeping.  Racoon is a night creature.  I need to get away from
 this because our garage is full of food for my wildlife friends.

The deer all continue to show up in the mornings and in the evenings.  
The just wait for me and keep looking until I come out with food.  I don't 
feed them all the time because I know they need to get food on their own 
in order to survive, but they are so cute.  I also see them eating grass.

All is good in our world here in Branson.  A little extra work 
never killed anyone, but boy it is sure trying😂  Sniff is a happy
 boy and has everything he needs, and that makes me happy.

Last night the washing machine made a noise.  I freaked me out. 
 I remembered how Shadow died and my world collapsed all over again.  
Once again, a good cry helped ease the anguish this time. 

 For those who are grieving over the loss of a pet, loved one,
 do not let anyone tell you, "it's time to move on."  We all
 move on when we are ready.  I have moved on, but those
 flashes of memory still haunt every once in a while.  Life😿
as they say, death always leaves one singer to mourn.

 I hope you and I find some peace today.  Grief is not 
as heavy as guilt, but it takes more away from you...